Roads and Routes in Cuba

Don't get lost in cuban roads...

A good map is really a powerful tool for whom would visit Cuba in car or camper. You can easily buy one in your country or directly in Cuba. One of the best roads guide is AUTOMAPA NACIONAL, by Geo editor in Havana.

In this guide, aside a detailed map on Cuba you can also find a very detailed map on Havana City province. You can buy this guide in all authorized car or camper rental centers. Below you can see an online version of a map of Cuba.



Speed limits in Cuba are: 100 Km/h in highway, 90-100 Km/h in national roads and 50-60-80 Km/h in the cities. These limits can vary depending on the place and can change in any moment by transportation ministry of Cuba's dispositions, so always keep attention on signals. The security belt is mandatory since 2004 for all vehicles that have it. It's optional for people sitting back.

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